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Energy model of very-low energy building is accepted as affordable what is proved in realizations in Croatia. EU scenario “3 x 20” for 2020 is insisting of all member states on energy consumption reduction, use of renewable energy sources and reduction of emissions.


Energy model of passive house that was created before 24 years by physicist Prof PhD Wolfgang Feist is accepted and marked as the very best on the basis of scientifically proved results of energy consumption, reduction of CO2 and other emissions and thousands of examples of various functional architectural types of new buildings as of renovations up to “factor 10”. All results including investments, health conditions etc. are better than expected.


Passive house is for sure the most checked model of very-low energy what is proved in thousands of certified buildings all around the World and is the very best platform for advanced defining of nearly Zero Energy Building (nZEB).


Five years ago EU project Co-operation Network of Passive House Promoters (PASS-NET) in the program framework of Intelligent Energy Europe (IEE) in which Croatia participated was finished. One of referent results is web site www.passivehousedatabase.eu

This project was one of generators of EU project Passive House Regions with Renewable Energies (PassREg) that is leading by the City of Zagreb, Town Department for Energy, Environmental protection and Sustainable Development that will be finished in 2015.


Till the end of 2012 in Croatia were completely finished fifteen passive houses and about five buildings were in various stage of construction. Except family houses in various climate zones, the first two multi-family houses in social standard were finished in the town of Koprivnica in continental climate zone which received numerous prices for energy efficiency and sustainability projects and realizations. The first multi family house was finished on island Krk and first mixed use (office-housing) in Žminj was realized in 2014.


Still there is no any realized renovation up to “factor 10” although this model is elaborated on numerous professional seminars, scientific conferences and professional magazines for more than ten years. Energy renovation and modernization is the most important in building sector not only in Croatia. A few years ago started energy certification and financial supporting for renovation. In 2015 financial support for energy efficient renovation of private property started so it is to expect better days.


During 6th Days of passive house in Croatia that were organized in November 2013 after years of planning was decided to establish Consortium at the Faculty of Architecture, University of Zagreb.


All facts mentioned above were motivation for establishing of Passive House Consortium Croatia in May 2014.


Progressive interest of investors and profession is creating netting process and information logistics on a platform for advanced energy efficient and sustainable new building and renewal.


Consortium is established as relevant focal point of exact information point in the field in Croatia and this European Region and as professional educational address that cooperates with governmental and local authorities, professional Chambers, all engineer professionals, associations, educational institutions, students, producers, representatives, investors, managers, media, construction companies, builders and craftspeople.

Consortium has web site: www.kpk.hr

Monthly Newsletter is planned.


We call you for participation in Consortium activities.


Be active build passive!



Full Prof. Ljubomir Miščević, M. Arch.

The Head of PH Consortium Croatia



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