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New Croatia, an old European country, wishes to reacquaint the world with her rich, but forgotten cultural identity. Although there was an independent Croatian principality and Kingdom from 9th to the 12th century, today's Croatia is one of the newest states in Europe. It adopted its constitution on 22nd December 1990, and was recognized internationally on15th January 1992. The international recognition of its sovereignty and its acceptance into the membership of the UN in 1992 marked the end of a crucial period in the establishment of Croatia as anew state in the European and world community. Oriented towards the European cultural trends, Croatia wants to use its vast tourist potentials for both economic profit and prestige in the world. Increasingly sophisticated demands of the tourist industry can be met only by unspoiled environment that posseses a recognizable cultural character of its own. Croatia will continue to express her identity through a multimedia approach, and our work is part of that process.




The central part of Istria - an area of fertile valleys set in a rolling country, traversed by hills, plateaus and slopes - has always provided favorable conditions for settlements and life. The attractive position of the Istrian Peninsula on the line where the Mediterranean meets the continental Europe and the Alps end in the vast expanses of the Balkans Plain has served as a powerful magnet for various ethnic groups on the Istrian soil from the prehistoric times to the present day. Lately, the image of Istria has mostly focused on the coast, the clear blue sea, and the brilliant summer sunshine. The picturesque coastal part of Istria with its fine tourist facilities and unspoiled natural environment, each year attracts tens of thousands guests from both Croatia and abroad. The brisk tourist trade on the coast, however, often neglects that other Istria wich, though only a short distance from the sea, continues to live undisturbed in the inland area in the dignity of its ancient culture and history.





In 1984, the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Zagreb founded the Architecture Study Center and Summer School in Motovun in order to promote the expert knowledge of architecture in the territory of Istria. The Motovun Study Center has at its disposal 220 square meters of well-equipped premises where lectures, workshops and seminars can be held for groups of 20 students. After the University Research Center for late Antiquity and Medieval Studies was founded in the adjacent building, living quarters have been added: four suites, two double bedrooms, a library and a living room. Motovun has been chosen for the Study Center because of its favorable position, its impressive cultural heritage and attractive surroundings. It is at some 25 kilometers distance from the coast. The gentle Mirna River flows through the fertile valley charting the fastest route to the sea across the deep forests of Motovun, fragrant with truffles.



Accommodation for students 


Room with bathroom

10,0 EUR + 1 EUR tourist tax/day  in dormitory “Antico” the closest to Study Center

Total for seven days (nights): 70,0 + 7,0 = 77,0 EUR

(can be paid also in Croatian Kunas (HRK)



Food expences  (for non hotel guests - students ):

Pension arrangement in Hotel “Kaštel”:


* Breakfast: 40,00 HRK  (international brekfast 30,00 HRK)

* Lunch (main meal + salad): 50,00 HRK

* Dinner (main meal): 40,00 HRK

Total per day: 130,00 HRK


Total price per week :

130,00 HRK x 7 days = 910,00 HRK – 90,00 HRK (lunch and dinner, one day on 6th August is Istrian tour after breakfast)


Total for food: =  820,00 HRK  (it is not final agreement price!)

It can be arranged in a different way, for example without lunch, …



Suggested accomodation for professors


Hotel „Kaštel“ ***


Room with breakfast

• one bed room: 375,00 HRK

• two beds room - standard:  325,00 HRK = S2   - single use: 475,00 HRK

• hotel apartment: 390,00 HRK = HA2  - single use: 585,00 HRK

• superior room: 390,00 HRK = S2S  - single use: 585,00 HRK

• exclusive room: 485,00 HRK = S2B  - single use: 725,00 HRK

   (it is not final agreement price!)

+ tax / person / day:   13,00 HRK



School fee


For EU, USA, CDN, … students  100,00 EUR

For HR and ex YU, …  students 50,00 EUR

Local drives included


1 EUR is about 7,8 HRK  (course on 10th January 2015)


All expenses can be paid in Croatian Kunas (HRK) or in EUROS.



Prof. Ljubomir Miščević, M. Arch.

Study Centre Director

Head of International Summer School of Architecture




(+385 1) 4639394  phone/fax   Faculty of Architecture / Arhitektonski fakultet

(+385) 98 230940  mobile






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